Adventures of the desinerd

The nerd graffiti

My first blog post was in 2007 on a domain that I personally felt was very cool “”. It is a composite of “desi” and “nerd”, both of which form the core of my identity online.

The tragedy being like all great names ;), I did not take into account “culture”. Turns out a lot of sub-continent erotic and porn sites used the term “desi” (meaning Indian/Sub-continent depending on context) in their names. Took about 11 years, but time to phase that one out.

My last blog was very varied, sort of reflected my personality and thought process. This new effort will, however, be a shift, I will only write about my philosophy and personal stuff here. The technical content will move to another domain, where I will get other authors to come and collaborate.

The long break had a lot of action on all fronts. I became a father, that in itself has been one of the greatest experiences to date. The failure to document my experiences was intentional, it was always in the moment and the processing of them actually took time. More posts as I continue to reflect on and see more.

I was always a reserved person, but starting to wonder what does that even mean in today’s world.  The value of human interaction is underestimated in my profession, and that change starts with individuals. So there has been a shift from fairly introvert to being pretty outgoing at times.

On the business end, the journey till now has been about how to win big, think big. That in itself has been myopic in hindsight, living in a rather unstructured economy like India. All the good businesses in India are about the detailing, rarely about the big picture.

So much to say, yet keep running out of time. Will keep learning and posting the new!