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About me

Starting my professional journey in India, I played pivotal roles as a Principal Engineering Consultant at Nykaa and a Machine Learning Consultant at Hike. I successfully led teams on various mission-critical projects, such as building core revenue-driving platforms at Nykaa and developing sophisticated machine learning models at Hike. My achievements during this time include the creation of an in-memory SQL-based Cart service, the real-time ingestion framework using AWS Lambda, and the Hikemoji Avatar.

While at Nykaa, my team and I were instrumental in the company’s transformation from a vertical e-commerce platform to a socially driven commerce entity. This, along with my experience in driving significant revenue increases, demonstrates my acumen for business-first, system-oriented strategies and solutions.

Recognizing my expertise and innovation, I was invited to contribute to several prestigious machine learning conferences, where I published papers alongside industry leaders. As a testament to my commitment to pioneering technology, I have filed over 60 patents in my career.

As a Co-Founder at Boom Protocol in the UK, I spearheaded the creation of a multi-chain API, an MPC wallet, and a high-scale cloud infrastructure. Our commitment to building next-generation applications attracted over $2.5M in pre-product commitments from investors and secured Letters of Intent from publicly listed companies and large startups.

An alumnus of Arizona State University and the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, I hold an M.S. in Computer Science and a B.Tech in Computer Science respectively. My deep-rooted interest in computer science, combined with my proficiency in a wide array of technologies like Python, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, AWS, Solidity, Rust, and Tensorflow, enables me to devise and deliver high-impact technological solutions.

A believer in the motto “Who dares wins”, I take pride in my ability to learn quickly and apply my knowledge across a broad range of technology stacks. This agility has underpinned my success as an engineer and leader. Whether it’s selling or building robust technology, my focus remains on integrating it into end-customer experiences for maximum utility and impact.

In sum, I am a motivator and leader driven by a passion for technology and innovation. With strengths in research, data engineering, AI, ML, and blockchain, I strive to build solutions that drive business growth, improve customer experiences, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm.