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Industry experience

Over 14+ years of technology experience, with deeptech understanding. Built and run varying types of teams, transformed legacy systems into profitable businesses.

Recent achievements

  • Rolled out social e-commerce & AdTech platform driving $10M business at unicorn
  • Scaled technology and Data science consulting business to $300K ARR
  • 30+ patents filed on behalf of various companies
  • 5 ML papers written, with one paper published in a top conference workshop
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Consulting #

Recent #

  • (2017-2021) Principal engineering consultant, Nykaa - Gurgaon, India
    • Magento to custom platform migration planning. Introduced Python as a core language within the organisation, which is used for nearly all parts of the system.
    • Design and architecture of the Cart service (in-memory SQL based, highly scalable) and API gateway (Kong based).
    • Built two core revenue driver platforms with the Nykaa Ad Platform and Explore (Social commerce). Flexible architecture allowed us to build the affiliate and influencer network easily. Explore is real-time personalised feed using a tag-based approach.
    • Worked on data engineering, designing the realtime ingestion framework using AWS Lambda and more. (All system-wide consumer events)
  • (2019-2021) Machine learning consultant, Hike Limited - Gurgaon, India
    • Filed over 60+ patents, and published multiple papers in renowned ML conferences. i
    • Worked on the hikemoji, especially on Computer Vision models to match components to facial attributes.
    • Lead the team working on the ML side of vernacular sticker keyboard, successfully rolled out personalisation.
    • Lead the team working on Vibe ML, hit all KPIs for the matchmaking and built a sophisticated model for detection of malicious reporting.
    • Lead the team for Rush ML delivering on a quality matching experience based on user experience and behaviour.
  • Lenskart - Bengaluru, India
  • Proptiger - Noida, India
  • 99Acres - Noida, India
  • Blackbuck - Bengaluru, India

Archives #

  • HTMedia - Gurgaon India
    • Have worked with sites like and as an infrastructure consultant as well. is India’s third largest job site and desimartini is one of India’s largest movie content site.
  • Giftingnation (
    • Built using Satchmo, and integrates a custom payment gateway plugin for PayU. Satchmo needed customizations as its integrated social addressbooks. Trained engineer who is presently leading the project.
  • Mailinblue API (
    • Architected the new API which replaced their earlier ad hoc web services. Built wrappers in multiple languages, and inital documentation.
  • AZOI web services (
    • Built the backend web services for their set top box. Included documentation, scalable architectures.
  • Rankwatch (
    • Helped with core business plan & evangelised the service, helped with deisigning scalable architecture. Introduced mongo as a backend for specific analytics dashboards where it has proven to be highly effective.
  • Snaplion (
    • Built software that helped with loyalty points management.
  • Proptiger (
    • Primary engagement as an infrastructure consultant, focusing on database migrations and server scalability.
  • Intelligent pillbox
    • Worked with one of the country’s best product designers to build an intelligent pillbox for TB patients using an android tablet. The project was selected and approved for phase 1 of the melinda gates TB program.
  • Get right price
    • A ecommerce aggregator with multi category crawling and supporting over 10 ecommerce portals in India. Built for webchutney where the company was being incubated.
  • thehiringtool - Hyderabad, India
  • Ubermens

Employment #

  • (2012-2013) Senior Engineering Manager, Tradus - Gurgaon, India
    • Managed a team of 15 engineers. We delivered India’s first true e-commerce marketplace.
    • Lead the portal team and jumpstarted significant development activities within existing legacy framework. Designed the first public ecommerce APIs in India shared with crawlers and aggregators.
    • Launched the tradus marketplace, the first in India before shopclues. Revamped the complete tradus look with sophisticated widgets and enhanced javascript libraries. Enhanced performance of the tradus platform.
  • (2010-2011) Software engineer, Tyroo - Gurgaon India
    • Worked at India’s largest adtech company. Built analytical systems in core java.
  • (2009) Software engineer, Kirusa - New Delhi, India
    • Responsible for the implementation and delivery of the company’s product line: Kirusa Voice SMS – an application for combining voice and SMS messaging. A widely used software product deployed at over 20 wireless telecom customers with a combined reach of over 250 million users. The primary technologies involved are J2EE and MySQL.
  • (2009) Software engineer, Clickable - Gurgaon, India
    • Clickable makes it easy for advertisers and agencies to manage pay-per-click (PPC) performance across all major advertising networks. It is a Techcruch top 50 company and has done some amazing work in this niche. My area of work was in security and internal product engineering. The goal was to make the current application robust and scalable for the future. The technologies involved were .NET platform (C#, ASP.NET), MS SQL.
  • (2008-2009) Software engineer M-power - New Delhi, India
    • Joined the team that was acquired. MPower money was developed to ease payment of money via an SMS. I worked on PHIRE, the world’s first mobile debit network that allowed users to transact and carry out banking functions using text message s from their handsets.
  • (2007-2008) Software engineer, Slideshare - New Delhi, India
    • First 5 software engineers in the firm, joined it straight out of university.
    • I was accountable for new feature development, some of which included URL upload and server management. Eventually, I was assigned architectural decisions for the conversion engine. For this, I leveraged multiple tools, such as Ruby, RoR, FreeBSD, MySQL, Python, Open Office, PHP, apache, nginx, and eclipse.

Internships #

  • (2007) B-Core Software Private Limited - Tokyo, Japan
    • My work at BCore as a Researcher and Software Developer involved a travel to Tokyo to better understand software building specifications around vision algorithms and implementation optimization.
  • (2006) Google Summer of Code - OSDL
    • I worked on NFSv4 testing, developed a set of scripts which was used in conjunction with NetEm (linux kernel supported network emulation) for testing. This helped OSDL test their code better.
  • (2006) Oracle Corporation - Bengaluru, India
    • At Oracle, I worked on developing Web Service PDS with the Server team at Bangalore, to create a plugin for Oracle Reports server using Java. The plugin that I designed received appreciation and positive reviews at Oracle’s US headquarters.
  • (2005) Google Summer of Code - Mozilla
    • Selected as 1 out of 5 first Indians to participate in the summer of code.
    • I worked on a WYSIWYG XUL editor, taking the initial codebase from chameleon.
  • (2005) Tekriti software - Gurgaon, India
    • As a Summer Intern for Tekriti, I developed a PVR (Personal Video Recording) prototype, similar to TiVo using off-the-shelf hardware and Open source software.
    • A compact set top box was built using VIA EPIA embedded board and MythTV, generating EPG by crawling TV listings. The code was partially contributed back to the open source community.