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Startup experience

Dipankar Sarkar has a history of launching and advising tech start-ups, with expertise in blockchain, machine learning, microblogging, and more. Their ventures have attracted investor interest, user engagement, and media attention, showcasing their ability to innovate and lead. Their achievements have been recognized by several prestigious programs, affirming their significant contributions to the technology and entrepreneurial landscape.

Founder/co-founder #

  • (2021-2022) Boom Labs (Shutdown) - London, UK
    • We were building a multi-chain API to bring Web2 and mobile applications on-chain.
    • We developed an MPC wallet along with a high-scale cloud infrastructure.
    • Got commitments of over 2.5M$ from investors pre-product.
    • Had letter of intents in place from publicly listed companies and large startups
  • (2017-2019) ExpressMOJO (Shutdown) - New Delhi, India
  • (2013-2016) (Shutdown) - New Delhi, India
    • Raised seed funding from well known angels!
    • I co-founded Aurora, and the technology architect here. The most recent and notable product that we have been working on is, which is a well-received analytics hypervisor for Machine Learning, licensed under Apache 2.0 License. Our open source offering can be viewed at GitHub and is easily deployable to the cloud. This has received media attention and raised a significant amount in seed funding stages.
    • Recently, has generated interest on Producthunt and GitHub, it has been featured as a top 10 promising startup in Delhi by YourStory. It has received coverage in Mint funding news as well.
  • (2010-2012) (Shutdown) - Austin, Texas
    • One of the earliest second-screen platforms!
    • Jaja was an interactive platform where we initially focused on TV, and later on moved towards a general conversation platform where users could chat and interact on a wide variety of topics.
    • Our products included and We leveraged multiple tools including Django, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, Sphinx full-text search, and python for running the cloud based product, and developed mobile applications as well for Android and iPhone.
  • (2008-2010) Kwippy (Exit) - New Delhi, India
    • Kwippy was developed as an IM-integrated nano-blogging platform and a social network, which allowed the user to blog their thoughts without actively writing a blog.
    • The site had 30k+ active users, and was ranked Alexa #1500, as well as among the top 5 micro-blogging sites in mid-2009. Not only was it featured in the Economic Times, but also in DataQuest’s Top 25 Indian Web 2.0 Start-ups.
    • The domain and codebase was subsequently sold to a US firm.

Advisor & Investor #

  • (2015-18) - It started of as an investment in ChaterOn, a chatbot company. I exited the company as a shareholder in July 2018. It has been a pleasure working with Adit and the team. Raising money from HT, making it to the Oracle Bootcamp, and then YC. They are here to build something significant.

  • (2015-16) Breadnpulp (Shutdown) - Mentor and stakeholder in a food delivery service in Mumbai. One of the earliest to experiment with cloud kitchens.

Awards and Achievements #

  • (2019) Fellow, Westerwelle Young Founders Programme - Berlin, Germany
    • The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme is a fully funded 6-month-long programme for outstanding young entrepreneurs from emerging and developing countries. The programme aims to connect young founders from all over the world with each other and with the Berlin startup scene, and support them in further developing their entrepreneurial skills and their international network.
  • (2018) Financial Inclusion Lab - India
    • The Financial Inclusion Lab, the accelerator programme by the Bharat Inclusion Initiative, has selected 11 fintech startups for its inaugural cohort. The Lab focuses on incubating and accelerating early-stage startups developing technologies for the benefit of underserved communities of ‘Bharat’ in the areas of financial inclusion, skilling and livelihood.
  • (2011) Joint Program Leader & Fellow , Startup Leadership Program - New Delhi, India
    • The Startup Leadership Program (SLP) is a highly selective, world-class training program for outstanding founders, leaders and innovators who are or want to be startup CEOs, and be connected to a global network.
  • (2009) DataQuest’s Top 25 Indian Web 2.0 Start-ups