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Research experience

Passionate researcher in the field of Machine learning, Cryptography and Distributed Systems. Author of a book on Nginx, the world’s most popular web server. Published a paper on Federated Learning at IJCAI in 2020 and assisted with filing over 60 provisional patents in augmented reality, virtual reality, image processing, messaging and cryptography.

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Publications #

  • N. Kumar, S. Goel, A. Narang, et al., “One shot audio to animated video generation,” arXiv, 2021.  doi: 10.48550/ARXIV.2102.09737.
  • D. Sarkar and M. Gupta, “Curriculum generation using autoencoder based continuous optimization,” arXiv, 2021.  doi: 10.48550/ARXIV.2106.08569.
  • D. Sarkar, A. Narang, and S. Rai, “Fed-focal loss for imbalanced data classification in federated learning,” Accepted for the Workshop on Federated Learning for Data Privacy and Confidentiality in Conjunction with IJCAI 2020 (FL-IJCAI’20), 2020.  doi: 10.48550/ARXIV.2011.06283.
  • D. Sarkar, S. Rai, and A. Narang, “Catfedavg: Optimising communication-efficiency and classification accuracy in federated learning,” arXiv, 2020.
You can find me on Google scholar and ORCID as well.

Books & Articles #

  • D. Sarkar, Nginx 1 Web Server Implementation Cookbook. Packt Publishing, 2011
  • D. Sarkar, “Muzzled: A graphical theme builder for mozilla,” Linux Gazette, vol. 119, 2005

Associations & affiliations #

  • ACM member
  • IEEE member

Awards and Achievements #

  • Eta Kappa Nu - Engineering honor society of IEEE, for excellent academic performance (2021).
  • My B.Tech thesis (Unusual human activity) was awarded the best project at IIT Delhi’s Open House (2009).
  • Top 100 ICSE students, Among the top students in Kolkata, India (2005).

Education #

  • M.Sc. Arizona State University in Computer Science (2020 - 2022). Specialisation in Cyber-Security (GPA: 3.96/4.0)

  • Graduate Certificate, Strategic Studies (2018). Awarded by The Takshashila Institute.

  • B.Tech Indian Institute of Technology in Computer Science. (2003 - 2007). Thesis project: Detecting unusual human activity using video. (GPA: 7.5/10)